Team Members

The people behind the Beyond Demola project and how they can be contacted.


Pouya Eghbali (Project Manager) – As a UX Master’s degree student I was really interested in seeing how different teams function in Demola, and what kind of results do they get. I aimed at bringing a bit of UX into the show, after all it is about the viewers not us. I have always loved photography, with an interest in filming. Being part of Beyond Demola project I was able to learn and understand the subject even more and now I love filming as well and hope to even do more similar work in the future. I am ready to take on new challenges and if you want to get in touch with me please visit my portfolio on


Riku Komi  (Filming , Editing, Music)


Helky Kouri (Story Telling, Scripting, Narration)

Moro! My name is Helky Kouri and I’m a fifth year speech communication student from University of Tampere. In Beyond Demola you can’t see me in most of the videos, but you can hear my soft narration voice in the background. I have been also responsible of the storyline in some of the videos. Interviews, scripting, performing the final pitch, planning the episodes… the Beyond Demola included a lot of different tasks and experiences, many of them totally new for me. I had previous experience only in interviewing for radio, so the visual part of storytelling was something exciting to learn.

The most important aspect of Beyond Demola project for me was capturing the realistic view of Demola campaign 2016. That included covering all the positive vibes, frustrations and disagreements, learning and enjoying the multicultural team work and every possible Demola event that happened during spring 2016. And that is something that we succeeded to do with our awesome team.

If you want to keep following my adventures, just follow @helkykoo in every possible media. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever social media application you can imagine. I might be a social media addict. In addition to that I’m enthusiastic about radio, books, skiing and travelling.


Anya Zozulya (Interviews, Narration)