NFO16 – A well deserved end to a journey


Venue: New Factory, 4th Floor, Event: The New Factory Open 2016, Subtitle: The event that everyone waited for the past 3 months.


The biggest event ever held during the Spring 2016 campaign was the NFO 2016. The attendance was far more than one could count, but if I could take a guess, I would estimate that somewhere around 400 people joined in and came to see the results of this Demola campaign.


Held on the 4th floor, and on the big floor, with two giant screens on each side of the stage and a very nice lighting setup to setup the mood the event was no small deal. There were businessmen and women from all over Finland including the CEO of Danske Bank, Risto Tornivaara.


The event was mainly four parts. After the registration and badge collection, the audience got a chance to see the best 5 projects of the Spring 2016 in Demola and judges voted for the best project later in the day. But the Demola projects were not the only ones who got a chance to shine on the big stage, but the startups got their chance of the stage as well. There was also time for the people to mingle while having snacks and hot coffee to refresh the brains. Then there was keynote speakers followed by a panel discussion that raised interest and questions from the crowd, in fact, there was no time left for more questions.


Going back to the Demola teams, the judges had made their decision, and the winner of the Demola Spring 2016 Best Project Award went to none other than the Smart Glove Controller team. They had a fully operational prototype glove on stage that controlled the cranes. Congratulations to them, for an awesome job and a brilliant presentation. The word on the factory floor was that it has a very high potential to go into production soon and we may see this concept used by major crane operators in the near future.


Oh, and while we are still on the subject, we got to get our five minutes of fame as well and showcase what the Beyond Demola team was up to. The Annul Report team also took the stage and discussed their work.


After the main event was done, the audience was allowed access to the Showroom section, with some of the best teams of Demola showcasing their work and demos to be tested and tried out. Of course being Finland, the showroom event was accompanied by good beer, cider, and cold drinks. And one surprise for me was the Mustamakkara which I tried for the first time, and surprisingly I enjoyed it.


The showroom was busy and active, until everything was interrupted by a fire alarm that made everyone go down. It seems the fresh air gave the crowd a new energy, as everyone was laughing, enjoying their time, and Ohad and I even managed to gather a group photo.


That was the end of the event for me, as my body and brain decided it was time to shut down and go back home. Overall, it was an amazing event that was well worth the coverage and attending.


In terms of Demola Spring 2016, it was absolutely magnificent to see the teams develop their prototypes out of nothing but a vague idea. I learned a lot from our own team experience and seeing other teams as well.


My final words are in the form of a big special thank you to the facilitators once again. I don’t think any one has any idea how hard their work is and how much energy they spend during one campaign. They have been an integral part of our team and always there to support us and help us make our project better.


So thank you Ville, Yulia, Ohad, Joonas, and Aino. Some one, somewhere, has a medal for you guys. Keep it up and let the creativity flow.




P.S. Even though there were some goodbye forms in the writing, we still have some episodes to come, so please stay tuned.

You can check out all the images from the NFO16 big photo gallery by clicking HERE 


For now, Pouya Lucky – OUT !


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