The final pitch gallery


So here we are. The final pitch event has already arrived and left. It was like yesterday that Demola Spring 2016 started. Firstly, some reflections on the event. Held at Mediapolis a few kilometers away from New Factory, it was a change of scenery, a very welcome move if you ask me.


Even though the day was very long, and I ended up with a shoulder and neck pain thanks to carrying a heavy camera and lens combo for the duration, it was a very good day indeed. Two batches of pitches, with 15 teams in each batch showed the audience what they were up to for the past 3 months and what their solutions were.


I must confess that the pitches exceeded my own expectation and the pitches were very good. Apart from some technical glitches every now and then things went pretty smooth and everyone ended up with some awesome feedback from the judges as well. I would definitely rate this event 10/10 and highly encourage students who are not part of Demola to attend it in the future to learn from the experience and get motivated.


We will have the final pitch episode out as soon as we edit it. For now, I will leave you with a gallery of the best photos of the day, and as usual feel free to use them in your blog, social media, etc with a credit to our blog.

See you in New Factory Open,

Until then, Pouya Lucky –> Out !


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