Episode 3 – New Interviews Part 1


First things first. A big thank you to all the teams who participated in our interviews and shared their thoughts, feelings, and prototypes.


Secondly, we would highly appreciate you sharing the post on your social network of your choice, after all, your efforts and outcomes need to be shared with the rest of the world. Especially if you were part of these interviews.


Thirdly, some insight into how we did things. After informing the teams to select their times for interviews, we conducted the interviews and edited the material. We are happy to announce that back by popular demand is also the feelings booth in which the team members get to share their thoughts and feelings for 1 minute in an isolated booth in a secret location (on the 3rd floor of New Factory, and in the Start up section hall).


In this episode, we get an insight into the following teams:

  1. The Demola Annual Report (You can find out more during the NFO and final pitch events)
  2. The Haircut Jugnle (http://tampere.demola.net/projects/hair-cut-jungle-step-zero)
  3. The MATOC2 (http://matoc2c.weebly.com)
  4. The Agile Marketing of Suunto Solutions (http://mktsuunto.blogspot.fi/)

Enjoy the video:


Pouya Lucky ! Out !


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