Welcome to the New, New Factory


Yesterday we met with the team in the New Factory, the NEW New Factory to be precise. Firstly some words and some reflections about this new place.



It is located 1 floor above the old premises, on the fourth floor. However, the place is huge, spanning from one side of the New Factory all the way to the other.



With the startups located in a lovely new and modern looking space on one side, and the Demola teams busy in the other side, between them is a giant hall filled with windows and full of lights. The new place is still in progress and will be even cooler once it’s properly setup.IMG_8500

Back to our meeting with Beyond Demola team, we had a few items on the agenda. First order of business was to edit the mid-pitch event and add the narration and music to the previously selected footage and do the final scene cuts.



While Riku and I were busy with finalizing the edit, Helky and Anya were discussing about the final pitch for our group and how to approach this. After some discussions, arguments, and back and forth conversation we came to a decision and decided on how to finalize the presentation.



The next item of the list was discussing the final playbook and going through what we planned in the initial playbook. With a review of the initial playbook we were happy to see that we went as planned previously and there was not much deviation from the original plan.


Meanwhile, there were a few teams in New Factory as well, finalizing their pitches, demos, and ideas. It was noticeable that the mood of the discussions this time was far more serious than the previous meetings.




In fact, most of the didn’t even notice the camera when I was shooting them. We also had a puppy and her mommy happily running around and playing and spreading cuteness all over the place.


We will have the mid-pitch episode soon followed by a one or two other episode before the final pitch episode. That won’t be the end though. Stay tuned for some more upcoming episodes.


For now, stay sunny and happy !


C:\Pouya Lucky\Out.exe>


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