Interview Day – The Storm Before The Calm


A typical Wednesday afternoon at the New Factory to meet with a few teams and interview them for an upcoming episode. Or so we thought !


You see, the New Factory is moving premises shortly and the current status can be described as chaos. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes everywhere. Chairs and tables getting ready to be moved. Bangs, clanks, and other noises you would expect from a factory floor.


However, the storm is thankfully short and going to last only a few short days before we are back to awesomeness and a cool environment to go to. I personally can’t wait to take some footage from the new premises and share it on our blog.


But for now, even with all the work going on, the teams are still going strong and the facilitators more enthusiastic as ever. I am happy to report that we did manage to get our work done as well. Even though we were all very tired and working on multiple tasks we managed to get the footage, in addition to the return of the “Frustration Booth” which seemed to be a crowd favorite.



Oh and we had an awesome homemade chocolate cake made by Tatiana, who was also busy with her team and their awesome annual report project. They also had a Skype meeting which I could not resist crashing it and snapping a photo of it.


We will have our next episode out soon and ready to move on to the final pitch event after that.


For now, stay energetic and a big thank you thank all the teams who showed up and shared their products with us. Also big thumbs up to those who participated in the booth.


Pouya Lucky, Out and ready for more action soon !







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