Mid Pitch – Nearly Home


Here we are, with only one major event to go before the Demola Spring 2016 chapter closes and the facilitators regenerate for the summer campaign.



The mid-pitch event took place on Thursday the 14th and every team was present with at least one member present to pitch their concept/demo/prototype/idea. The event was divided into two batches, one held from 1:30, while the other started two hours later. In each batch there were 15 presentations, minus Beyond Demola as I was busy shooting the footage for the next episodes.


The pitch duration for each team was a maximum of 3 minutes, with an enforcing timekeeper who made sure no one got past the mark, even if they did not finish. After each pitch there were feedback from a facilitator, a business guru guest, and one or more of the other teams. Each team was free to present as they wished in their syles, visuals, and material presented.



There was a wide range of presentations, those who chose to do the traditional TED style speech with no visuals at all, those who chose to show slides with colorful designs including photos and videos, but the most creative ones had to be the groups that chose to perform live on stage their idea by role-playing a key scenario.



The feedback provided to the groups was varied in range as much as the presentations. Some where positive, energetic and motivating. Others dealt with raw facts and logical conclusions. However, there were a few emotional comments that needed to be taken with full-spoon of sugar. But the point of feedback is to be better and ready for the final pitch event, and all the feedback could help the presenters pick up their games and do even better next times and learn from their mistakes.


In addition to the teams, the Startups in New Factory also joined in the action by getting valuable exposure and feedback from users. Aarium was present asking feedback on their latest designs while there was a cool e-bike on display and available for test drives downstairs.




The day concluded in a traditional Finnish way; Beer Drinking that is, and the teams discussing their day and mingling with other groups and facilitators.


One thing I should point out is that even though every one got to present once, Yulia, one of the facilitators got to go on stage between every group and every batch. So around 30 times in total. That goes to show how much energy the facilitators put to make these events a learning experience for the teams. 2 thumbs up to Ville, Yulia, Joonas, and Ohad who have showed dedication and passion every step of the way even on weekends and late hours.




For now, Beyond Demola will have some time to do footage selection and prepare the upcoming episodes.



Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the teams for the final pitch.


Pouya Lucky ! Out !


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