Testing Afternoon


Friday the 8th was another event for Demola in Tampere. The testing day afternoon. Unlike other Demola events, this particular one was held at Monitoimitalo which is a few clicks away from New Factory.


The aim of the event as the name implies was for the teams to share their projects, prototypes, and ideas with audience who were not part of Demola and get a fresh perspective on things and some feedback from the general public, especially the youth of Finland. There were seven teams in total who were present at the event.


Firstly, and as you reached the 3rd floor our team (Beyond Demola) was present with our pilot episode playing on a large screen to showcase our work.


Digitization meets meat team had a prototype mobile app and some cool stuff for the visitors to design their own meat packaging. They are all about meat and custom meat recipes. Check out their blog on https://digimeat.wordpress.com/



Meet and Access Talents Online team had two laptops setup with what seemed to me like a fully functioning prototype that seemed like ready for release. The team demonstrated how the video chat sessions and text chat was done and visitors got to test the system. Their blog is http://matoc2c.weebly.com/


The Best Weather In the World team had a different approach to things with a hand made paper prototype that was colorful, fun, and full of tiny details. The protoype showed the point well and seemed like a fun alternative to other apps we see everyday. Here is their blog https://bestweather.wordpress.com/


The Bike Hero team, as the name implies is about bikes and bike messengers where the users get to be the hero of the day and become rich in the process. They had a functional prototype that had awesome gamification elements embeded. They also had a super cool hybrid bike available at the stand which to me looked like pretty hard to bring it up the stairs. Here is their blog https://bikeheroblog.wordpress.com/



The Mobile Access to Learning team also had a neat looking fully functional protoype of their website which creates a way for students to reach their services such as moodle, office365, etc. I really liked the sleek look and a few of the student portals I use in university could use this form of fresh touch, deisgn, and clean look. For their blog visit https://matl2016.wordpress.com/



Finally there was the Smart Glove Controller team. They had an awesome looking protoype that looked like a piece of equipment from a Sci-fi movie. Their solution is so simple yet so effective. They had more than one protoype and both seemed like they could be developed. I personally enjoyed wearing the glove, and I felt like Darth Vader for some reason. Check their blog https://snhswordpresscom.wordpress.com/




The afternoon was full of activies for us as well. We shot a lot of footage, interviews, and of course picutres. The teams also got good feedback from the visitors and got to step out of their comfort zones. The Demola Spring 2016 is slowly nearing its end, and we have a few more events to go through, but without any worries, the Beyond Demola team will be there to cover it all.


For now, stay tuned for our next episode and enjoy your weekend.

Pouya Lucky. Out !




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