Jam #2 – Bring it on


Another long day at New Factory and on a Saturday, is a way to describe jam session 2. 7 hours of productivity, activities, theories, hands-on workshops, discussions, and learning is another precise way of describing it. The day was particularly awesome for us, since the event started with the screening of the Beyond Demola pilot episode on the main projector. The audience was happy and liked what they saw, which is a great motivation for us to do even better for upcoming episodes and create something unique.


After the screening, Ohad started the theoretical work and discussions followed by guest lecturer in Demola who discussed UX and talked about the importance of UX and what it meant. The teams then separated into groups based on their roles (engineers, UX, etc) and sat down to do a workshop on their own projects. Yulia discussed about the art of storytelling and how it can have an impact on the product and what it can mean to tell a story. Tatiana shared her expertise with the crowd about how to create awesome presentations along with sharing her knowledge about colors, fonts, design, and more.


But the event that stood out from the rest, and the one that I personally found very interesting was the speed date pitching event. 1 minute to pitch, 1 minute to provide feedback, 1 minute to pitch back, 1 minute to provide back feedback and then the circle shifts. The noise, conversations, hand gestures, and facial expressions were so much that it reminded me of an Asian market on a busy day.


In the end, the teams grouped up with their project teams to discuss their own projects and share with the facilitators their progress, feedback, and discussions.


Of course every Demola event has always been supplemented by food and snacks and this one was no exception either. We had a yummy lunch that had rice, chicken, veggies, salad, and lots more as for a self-serve buffet with good quantity that made sure all the brains got the nutrition needed to continue functioning the rest of day.


During the time everyone was involved in participating in the different workshops, our team was busy capturing the moments as photos, videos, go-pro footage, weird footage, and all sort of crazy things. In the end, we ended up with tens of gigabytes of footage that we will spend a lot of hours on selecting and editing.


We also had an awesome Frustration Booth, an idea that came to us from Yulia. This was actually quite good, both in terms of the material that we received and also the actual benefits for those who participated. They actually said they felt better and lifted some weights off their chest. We will continue that in the next events as well.


The bummer of the day was when a certain group with a certain awesome prototype told us that they can not let us film their progress due to, well, “Secrets of Trade”. But I can tell you they have done an awesome job and that we may be able to take some footage by the end of Demola Spring 2016.


As usual there are a lot of photos, and I hope you enjoy them in Jam 2 Gallery Post. Feel free to use them in your blogs with a minor mention of credits 😉



Pouya Lucky. Out and About !



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