The Pilot Episode – A New Vision

First of all the Beyond Demola team wishes everyone a happy Easter. We hope you enjoyed your time and now ready to jump-start your creative minds and get the ideas rolling.

As for the pilot episode, we are very happy to announce that after countless hours of shooting/arguing/footage-selecting/discussing/brain-storming/editing/audio recording/music selection/fine tuning/fine tuning more, we have finally polished the Beyond Demola Pilot Episode.


We hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to share it with people you can identify in the video. Oh, and we always take feedback into account, so feel free to comment/feedback/suggest for the next episodes.

One thing I must clarify is that due to lack of time, our talented in-house music guru could not make the music, and we selected songs of the web. The credits for the music and songs used can be found on the Videos details.

But for now, enjoy the Pilot Episode.

Pouya Lucky, Out !


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