Pilot Episode-one step closer


Yesterday was one those long days. In fact so long, that the afternoon turned into night. After tens of hours of discussions in previous sessions with the team regarding howto use the footage we already gathered, we were finally ready to make a selection of the best footage, and edit them. The problem was that a project like this with so many different events can be complex and this complexity can lead to a mental block.


But luckily, viewing the footage earlier really helped. Working on the theory of creating a trailer, we decided to expand the trailer and make it a longer pilot episode. It really helped that we chopped the episode into different acts, and then chose footage for each act, and chose what to include in terms of voice, music, etc. The session lasted about 4 hours, but we ended up with awesome preliminary results. This helped ease the tiredness and release some of the anxiety built up from the previously mentioned block.


Overall it was a very productive, efficient, and effective day and I must say that we are really excited to share the pilot episode with you. The experience is Demola is already proving very challenging and time-staking, but it’s all well worth it at the end of the day.


I must mentioned that one key element that helped us was the clear distribution of tasks and who is in charge of what. This really helped us focus and reach better results.  We are now one step closer to the pilot episode, which should be released very soon. So stay tuned and enjoy your holidays.


Pouya. Lucky. Out !


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