A quiet afternoon


Demola is not always about the bang and noise. When there are no events going on and no crowd to do productive activities, it is actually a very laid back place to chill out, relax, get some work done, and be inspired. On a fine Wednesday that was yesterday I met up with Riku in New Factory to play with our new toy, the glidecam, that will be seen more and more through out the events.




While it was a bit later in the day and the majority seem to have left already, there were a few people working on their projects solo or with one or two others. As usual, coffee was an item on the menu, in addition to some people having a nutritional snack and energizing.



IMG_8065Oh ya, I should have already mentioned that every now and then you get to see a pet join in on the action and enjoy hopping around the large facilities. Yesterday was one of those days, and there was a tiny little puppy visiting and playing around and spreading joy and laughter. Being a dog lover myself, I quite enjoy this and it is a good reminder about the freedom that you would not have in other places.



After getting to know our tools of work a bit, we also get some work done towards our project. We came up with some cool ideas, reviewed some of the footage taken earlier and discussed some key factors to include. I am not going to mention anything for the same reason I never do, not to ruin the surprise. But I can tell you that we will not be another dry show covering the facts, well, maybe we will cover the facts, but the matter of which how we plan to do it makes us tingle.


As usual, please feel free to use any of the photos you are snapped in, share the post with people you recognize, and feel free to comment as well.


For now, Pouya Lucky. Out !


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