Jam 1 – A full day of activities


Jam # 1 just happened yesterday.It was a day full of activities, food, and fun. The kick-start was with some hot coffee and light breakfast. The tams then settled in to a free session of physical work out provided by Ville which was aimed at releasing tension, avoiding muscle spasms, and wake the hell out of everyone. The were theories discussed which was in the form of discussion with the participants rather than a lecture by the staff.



It was at this point that Beyond Demola members who were present went to backstage to start preparing all the goodies for the shoots of the day. Courtesy of Adela, we now had a load of professional equipment that makes anyone walking into the meeting room think they stepped into Yle news. During this process, I was also busy taking photos from the vents and the audience. We also interview some teams and Demola staff as well later on.



There were a couple of activities that both made a lot of sense and was extremely fun to watch and cover. Teams were created based on fun criteria such as those wearing glasses, or those wearing white, etc. They were then given some time to write whatever they used on a daily basis down and choose 3 items and connect them together in a new and innovative way. Then they were asked to created a sort of prototype from it. To add to the mix the teams were asked to switch after each turn, which made it both fun them and the audience. There were a lot of creative ideas form things that were totally unrelated. This was all done in very short spans of time and within a group of 5 or 6 which made things even more crazy.



But the outcome was that everyone realized that they don’t need to be perfect from the beginning and polishing can be done at every step. In addition, a lesson learned was that things can go extremely fast and innovations and creations can come out of crazy ideas easily. At the final point of the day, teams went back to with their own group members and worked pretty hard on their own projects and created prototypes for them. For me, it was an awesome day and even though carrying a heavy camera on my lens all day made me extremely fatigued, it was well worth it. Being a part of Demola makes me feel special. The energy, the atmosphere, and most importantly the amazing Demola facilitators make me motivated to push myself more and do my best.



Did I mention already there was lots and lots of food ? and good quality, tasty, yummy in the tummy kind of food. Vegan, meat, salads, and chicken. Below is a few shots from the food before destruction happened.

We also had a visiting professor from University of Tampere. Markku Turunen from the department of Human Computer Interaction talked about all the amazing facilities, equipment, and tools that UTA had and how it was available to students who are interested in using them and even maybe doing their Master Thesis about a Demola project. I have personally known Markku for some time, and I can tell you no other professor has the energy and passion that he has when it comes to interactive technology and I highly encourage interacting with him to get some information and collaboration.



As mentioned, there were lots and lots of photos and footage. Oh boy, I took so much footage and photos that at one point felt my camera was on fire. In fact, aside from the videos, nearly 200 photos of which nearly 100 made the final cut which is still a large number. They will be added in form of two separate galleries on our blog where you can view, share, and use as you like.



Head on to the galleries and enjoy the photos.

Pouya Lucky. Out !


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