Playbook Meeting – 1st Judgment


Today was the first judgment day for team Beyond Demola. We got to sit with Ville from Demola and Tensu from TUT joined us as one of the teachers. I must clear up that we met a few days earlier with the team members and went through the information provided in the playbook together and filled in the required parts for the meeting with our partner.



The meeting had a playful experience and a sort of gamification to it; Well at least compared to other official meetings I have attended. We started off by taking random questions of the playbook individually. It was a very good initiative to see and understand that we were all on the same page when it came to the answers.


We also gave our plans and ideas for the serie and shared some of our thoughts with the partner. But not all of course, after all, there is always an element of surprise that needs to be kept.


Overall the session was very well paced, planned, and executed. We had very good feedback and suggestions from both Tensu and Ville.As usual and being Beyond Demola meant that we took photos and videos during the meeting as well. One thing that I feel I have to mention is the constant backup/feedback/support and enthusiasm that we see from Ville, it really helps motivate us as well.


Once the meeting was adjured, we decided to make use of the time and have a group discussion about what we just talked about and how to go forward from this point. We also discussed on some practicalities, requirements and what would make things smoother. As usual, it was a very tiring day but the productivity mixed with the coffee was a great factor in moving forward.


Stay tuned for more updates, as you will see lots of them.

Pouya Lucky. Out !


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