Value Creation Event – Things Get Real


The value creation event was perhaps the first real step in becoming and feeling part of the Demola. Suddenly everything is becoming more real and clear that we are working on real projects which is very different from our usual university work.

IMG_7654Things started off with some interesting presentation that was more of a dicussion between the presenters and the audience. There were 60 or so innovators there, and it made things a little more exciting. After the initial presentations we were given individual tasks to fill in and create a value proposal/idea about our projects and then pitch it to the audience. It was very challenging as the entire time given to come up with this pitch was just 10 minutes in total. To make things even harder, we had 1 minute to pitch our entire idea and demonstrate aspects about our projects, customers, values, and even competitors. There was also very good and constructive feedback given.


Over all, this was a very good learning experience and a hands on workshop that showed us how the pitching works and we also got good tips on how to improve. In the end two people were chosen as the best pitchers/feedback providers and awarded with aweseome Demola USB.



We shot a lot of videos and experimented with different angles, levels, and views. We also had a very nice time photographing different talents. It was a good experience to tell everyone else who we are and what we do and to make things even better everyone else seems to be as interested in the idea of Beyond Demola as much as we are. After all, this project is more about them and showcasing their works and progress.


Stay tuned for more to come. In the meanwhile enjoy some of the photos taken during this event.

Pouya Lucky. Out !



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