Meeting 2 – The basics and Introductions

Yesterday after having a long week and even a longer day for all of us, we met in New Factory by 5pm. Because that is what commitment is all about. We did not have any excuses but instead we showed that we are serious towards this project.

We started off by talking and sharing some of our previous works and gave some feedback as well. It was nice to see that there was many different backgrounds and talent among us. After getting to know each other a bit more than the day before and enjoying the snacks brought by Helky, we then decided to share our own individual ideas of what Beyond Demola meant to us personally and what we thought of as the final product.

photo 1

Perhaps one of the most positive things that I noticed aside from the enthusiasm of the team members was how the team embraced new and crazy ideas, and instead of just saying no turned them into something that can be used efficiently. It is quite challenging to come to a single conclusion when 2 people are discussing their ideas, let alone 5 people; and to take things up a notch, we all have different backgrounds, nationalities, trains of thoughts, and ideas. But in the end we did manage to achieve a good outcome and the day was therefore a good and positive experience yet again.

photo 2

We took down notes, and wrote on large papers, discussed ideas, and shared our thoughts. The outcome was that we decided on who likes to do what and who loves to do what to make the roles more clearly for the future. We also reached a unanimous decision on how many episodes we should have, how lengthy they should be, and what contents should be included. Of course, to keep the surprise element for you we won’t be revealing much about the show. But our aim is to bring the spirit of Demola to life in this show and for you to get to experience this happening as if you were there.

Stay tuned for our next blog entry and the experience is going for us.

Pouya Lucky. Out !


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