Kick Start Event – Start of a new journey


Welcome to a new beginning. The kick start event just happened yesterday and I am now reflecting on the experience. It was a great overall day with already a good sense of achievement. It was good to feel the vibe, energy and passion of more than 150 students from all over the world gathered in one room to achieve a unified goal. The aim: to create.

The event started off with presentations on the basics of Demola, and what it represents. It was highlighted how it brings together students, companies, and universities under one roof in the New Factory. We then met with our teams and right away started working as a unit and started to do the “Spaghetti & Marshmallow” challenge. It was a great exercise with lots of laughing, aaah moments, and nail biting time running out kind of experience. But in the end we did not care about winning or losing but rather pitching ideas on how to progress and how to work as a team.


After the kick start event, having some snacks, drinks, and coffee we had our first initial meeting and got to know our team members better. Our project designator explained some details and we talked about Beyond Demola and asked us to choose a project manager as well. We then discussed some practicalities and planned on how to move forward.


In short, Beyond demola is a project about all the projects of Demola. A show that outlines what happens in Demola which allows external viewers to see what it is about and what challenges are faced, and how teamwork is done. More details will come soon …

6 hours after the kick start event we went our separate ways and decided to meet some time later to discuss our ideas for Beyond Demola and pitch our ideas and come up to a unified solution. Overall it was a great first day and it was awesome to meet new people and get to know of the many talents all over us in Tampere.

Stay tuned for the next blog entry and some details regarding Beyond Demola.

Pouya Lucky. Out !


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